The Core Principles

Book open with left facing page blank and right page reading The core principles.

This website is best experienced as a printed book that you receive when you join us at Automattic Design.

The core principles

Every design process makes choices, whether explicit or implicit, about what is being made and how. At Automattic Design, we have defined principles that support us in being more intentional about those choices. We aspire to create products that are thoughtful, inclusive, and focused on the needs of all who use them.


We design for people

We make things for people to use,
not for the sake of making things.

What does this mean for product experience?

  • We conduct user research to understand our customers and their needs.
  • Every project is defined by a problem we are solving for a user, not by its features or technical framework.

We value inclusion

If we’re not inclusive,
we haven’t built a good product
(or a good company).

What does this mean for product experience?

  • We research and test with a diverse set of users.
  • Accessibility is incorporated into products from the start.

We iterate with data

Hypotheses are great.
Hypotheses plus data are better.
Hypotheses plus data plus iteration is best.

What does this mean for product experience?

  • When defining the problem to be solved, we provide evidence that it’s a valid problem.
  • Product designs are tested with users before and after launch, and iteration is based on that user feedback.